Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Why) Is Tommy Tuberville (Not) on the Hot Seat at Texas Tech?

Mike Leach's new book "Swing Your Sword" dedicates a hefty portion to the saga surrounding his firing from Texas Tech.

And as you know much of that saga surrounds his former player Adam James and his father, ESPN personality Craig James.

Leach says his biggest regret during his time in Lubbock was not cutting James whose father 'called more than all the other parents combined' complaining about his son's playing time.

So how does this affect former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville's status as the Red Raiders head coach?

In Leach's final season of 2009, James played in 12 games catching 17 balls for 154 yards ranking 10th on the team.

Last season under Tuberville, James played in just nine games catching a measly two balls for 26 yards.

James bio on the Texas Tech Athletics website mentions no injury during 2010 to limit his performance.

This is the same player whose father told Leach the younger James was the best receiver on the team (audio interview from The Solid Verbal).

So why isn't Craig James calling for Tommy Tuberville's firing? He can't be happy with just two receptions!?

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