Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Ohio State Coach Luke Fickell Takes the Brian Kelly Approach to the 'Tat 4' Return

Four suspended Buckeye players must earn their return after the five game penalty imposed by the school according to new coach Luke Fickell.

“We’re going to ask them to earn everything they’re going to get, and they understand that" said Fickell to the Columbus Dispatch.

Despite Ohio State desperately needing these players to maneuver the rest of their schedule, the first year head coach is taking the same approach to reinstating suspended players as Notre Dame's Brian Kelly.

Kelly has said star WR Michael Floyd, who was arrested for his third alcohol offense this off season, will not be allowed to play until he has shown changes in his life. The Irish coach also said Floyd will not sit any games if he has changed. As of early summer Floyd was participating in voluntary team workouts after sitting out Spring Practice presumably as punishment for the third alcohol offense.

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