Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Has UGA Had So Few Arrests This Offseason?

The Georgia Bulldogs, winners of the 2010 Fulmer Cup, has had a very quiet off season which is welcome news to UGA fans.

This season
Georgia is no where to be found on the Fulmer Cup.

So why the sudden change in team behavior? I offer three theories.

1. Mark Richt has actually cracked down on discipline with earlier curfews and stiffer penalties.

After returning from a loss at Miss State last year, Richt kicked a freshman off the team after his first arrest for a DUI. The head coach had never shown this quick of a trigger before.

Since that dismissal things have largely been quiet.

2. Better Leadership. The players are doing a good job of policing themselves not wanting to 'let the team down'. I think this type of accountability bodes well for the season.

3. AD Greg McGarity had a little talk with the ACC Police Department....and politely asked them to cool it with "silly" arrests (e.g. public intoxication, jaywalking, scooters). I have never bought the notion that the po-po were out to get UGA players. I would bet 80% (if not more) of the officers are UGA football fans.

Think Athens police watching out for UGA players is far fetched?

Consider how Erik Ainge got through his time at Tennessee without any news about his drug problems.

While embarrassing at the time, winning the Fulmer Cup last season should be a good consolation for UGA fans - Alabama won the BCS Championship in 2009, one year after winning the Fulmer Cup.


  1. Mark Richt finally cracked down on discipline? Show me an arrest or violation that Richt has not punished a player for in the past?

    Your first reason is way off the mark because enforcement of punishment has always been there.

  2. Quote from Richt at a Bulldog Club meeting in Atlanta this week:
    Richt said that among changes made has been a stricter curfew during the season. And this offseason, Richt has had a shorter leash.

    “I probably have a little bit less patience than I have in the past,” Richt said.

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I still stand by my theory that lax discipline was a result of Damon Evans keeping Richt on a short leash. Once Evans was gone and McGarity turned Richt loose, we have had a return to pre-2005 discipline.


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