Monday, August 29, 2011

Dan Wolken: An Elite College Basketball Program Is 'Straight-Up Paying Guys'

Fresh off the Danny Sheridan/Auburn bagman saga we may have a similar story brewing in college basketball.

In an interview with The Big Lead, Daily columnist Dan Wolken made a claim that a major basketball program is "straight-up paying guys"

"I hate the whole white hat-black hat thing in college basketball when the truth is we’ll never know for sure how most stuff gets done in recruiting. Of the top 15 players in this recruiting class, I’ve heard stories, rumors, innuendos about 14 of them. But if one of those kids signs with Duke or Carolina, most people (and probably most journalists) will assume it was clean. Take the same kid and have him sign with Baylor and message boards will light up about how it must have been a dirty deal. Just stop with the mythmaking already. There’s on particular program right now – an elite program that most fans wouldn’t ever guess – that everyone in basketball knows is straight-up paying guys. Will they get caught? I don’t know, but the more this stuff gets exposed, the more we can shatter these ridiculous media-fueled notions about who’s dirty and who isn’t."

(h/t to @BryanDFischer and @AndyHutchins)

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