Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did A Miami Fan Admit Another NCAA Violation While Trying To Rip Apart Charles Robinson's Story?, part of the Rivals network, did an interview with Yahoo's Charles Robinson allowing Hurricane fans to ask questions to the reporter about his story.

Most of the questions attempt to discredit Nevin Shapiro's accounts of the incidents, but one question in particular caught my eye.

Q. Olivier Vernon watched the Miami-Florida State game in my suite while he was senior in high school. It was a bad, raining, horrible soaked game. I remember we were there until almost midnight. This page from Shapiro's October 2008 American Express Platinum card statement shows a charge of $1,610.51 which the booster identified as a tab for alcohol in his VIP section at Cameo following Miami's home loss to Florida State that season. Shapiro said he entertained at least five players in his section that night, including Robert Marve, Randy Phillips, Jacory Harris, Dedrick Epps and Gavin Hardin ... These are statements on Yahoo's accounts of Robert Marve and Olivier is it that BOTH of these happened at the same time? Is it possible that he was at Dolphin Stadium with Vernon until midnight, and was ALSO at the VIP of Cameo that says is 18.3 miles and 26 minutes away. During the time that he was with Vernon until almost midnight he still rang up a charge of $1,610.51 all before midnight (as the charge shows up on the date of 10/04/2008 and if the charge had been rung up after midnight would have shown up as 10/05/2008). I would love for Yahoo! to explain this.

"Olivier Vernon watched the Miami-Florida State game in my suite while he was senior in high school."

Maybe this guy is not a booster of the University of Miami, but if so..

...why does he have a suite in Dolphins stadium with a Miami recruit in it?

...and why would he have a pay subscription to a Hurricanes sports website?

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