Monday, August 29, 2011

Georgia Tech Finally Wises Up When Dealing With The NCAA

The Yellow Jackets have enlisted the legal services of Lightfoot, Franklin & White out of Birmingham (what there no good lawyers in Atlanta?) per AJC beat writer Ken Sugiura

Among this law firm's list of talented attorneys is Gene Marsh who just happened to be on the NCAA Infractions Committee from 1993-2006 serving as chairman from 2004-2006.

You may remember Marsh's name from recent events as he was Jim Tresel's lawyer for the NCAA COI meeting with Ohio State earlier this month.

Tech is only appealing the vacating of the 2009 ACC Championship Game in the penalties levied on July 14th; the $100k fine and four years probation will remain regardless of the appeal.

While Marsh will have a good idea of how the NCAA COI works, the appeal process has changed recently to make it much harder to win (somewhat thanks to GT's successful appeal of penalties in 2005).

Still Marsh should miles ahead of Randy Nordin who was Georgia Tech's legal counsel during the NCAA investigation. Nordin blatantly defied the NCAA's requests, was combative to NCAA officials, and basically let his ego get in the way according to a close friend with knowledge of the counsel's activities. Nordin was fired after the investigation much to the pleasure of more than just the Athletic Department.

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