Monday, August 1, 2011

How Many SEC Schools Can Claim At Least 8 Wins Over the Last 8 Seasons? The Same Number as the Service Academies


And its LSU.

The same number of schools in the ACC can claim this feat with only Virginia Tech making the cut. The Hokies have the longest streak of 10 win seasons outright.

Seven other schools can also claim 8 wins over the last 8 seasons. Can you name the other 7?

I will give you some hints: 1) each BCS conference has at least 1 representative 2) two of the teams are not BCS automatic qualifiers 3) Look back at the post title for the biggest hint


Here is the list: Virginia Tech, Boise State, Oklahoma, Louisiana State, Ohio State, West Virginia, USC, Texas Tech, and Navy.

(h/t) The Wiz of Odds () who is running a series on team posters

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