Friday, August 5, 2011

An Interesting Look At What Notre Dame Is Doing To Help Brian Kelly Succeed

In addition to this, the Notre Dame administration is giving the football program some unprecedented breaks in order to return to the level of an elite program as the Chicago Tribune writes

Perhaps at no point in Notre Dame football history has there been greater cooperation across campus and more abundant resources proffered in the name of sustaining a multi-multimillion-dollar operation and winning football games. Now all Brian Kelly has to do is win them.

"He's in a very enviable situation," former Irish coach Bob Davie said. "Because we all had the same pressure to win. We just had to do it in a probably more difficult manner."

The article discusses changes in misconduct discipline, training regiment, ability to offer scholarships, and special admittance standards.

Now most Irish fans reading this are going to think this is an attack on Notre Dame football.

It is the exact opposite.

Its the applauding of a school that desperately wants win BCS bowl games and national title realizing they cannot win at an elite level with one arm tied behind their back.

P.S. If you want to know who the Irish newcomer is that scored a 17 on the ACT, just ask a Florida State fan.

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