Thursday, August 25, 2011

UGA AD Greg McGarity's Chat with Local Police Helps Bulldogs Curtail Arrests

Georgia beat writer Seth Emerson of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer writes about the meeting McGarity had with Clarke County and UGA Campus Police regarding the rampant arrests within the athletic department and especially amongst the football team.

Last fall, as the Georgia football program was seemingly mired in an arrest problem, McGarity requested a meeting with the police chiefs at UGA and Clarke County. The idea, according to both sides, was for the law enforcement agencies to tell McGarity what the athletics department and the football team could do to stem the problems.

The meeting included McGarity and some other athletics department staff members, but no coaches. UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson and Clarke County police chief Joseph H. Lumpkin were also in attendance.

About a month ago, I pondered why the UGA football team has had so few arrests (actually 0) since early last season. One of theories I had was McGarity had met with local police to discuss the situation.

Despite the large reduction in arrests, many some UGA fans still think the local police are out to get football players.  Why can't they be like law enforcement in Knoxville and Oregon?

"I told him from my perspective that they weren't doing what other students weren't doing," Williamson [UGA police chief] said.

Maybe it was just that the football players arrests made the news, while John Doe: Communications major didn't.

Williamson went to describe a recent incident with a police officer and athlete.

"I know the other day a player was cited for not having his seat belt on. He was cited for that, but that was it. I know in years past that may not have been the case, he might have had something else that came up when the officer ran his record.

I think one day Bulldog fans will look back and say that a pair of red panties turned the fortunes of the UGA Athletic Department.

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