Sunday, September 18, 2011

ACC Will Not Stop At 14: Who Are Their Next Two Targets On The Road To A Super Conference?

With the additions of Syracuse and Pitt on Sunday, the ACC is poised to become the first new super conference.

These two northern additions sure up the conference's spot as the number one basketball league but as we all know this consolidation effort amongst leagues is ultimately driven by money.

I hope the ACC only goes to 16 as a last resort because geographic rivalries are what makes college sports so great, but since that seems to be disregarded...

Here are the next likely additions to the ACC:

The Longhorns make no sense geographically, but their ability to generate revenue from football is unquestioned. Texas would bring top level academics to the league as well something that is very important to the ACC. The thing that could prevent UT is their unwillingness to share revenue.

The Scarlet Knights are the closest BCS school to New York City and the number one media market. Their academics will again fit in nicely into the ACC. But Rutgers sports success is paltry and the ACC may be satisfied in NYC with Syracuse.

I personally disagree would disagree this addition but it would complete a northern tier of the league that would include BC, Syracuse, Pitt and possibly one other team. The Huskies are one of the elite basketball programs and their academics would not be at the bottom, but they add almost zero in football.

West Virginia
The only thing keeping the Mountaineers from joining the ACC is academics.

WVU has natural rivalries with Maryland, Virginia Tech, and new members Pitt and Syracuse. West Virginia has been the best football program in the league over the last decade and has by far the biggest following in the league.

The ACC can afford to add West Virginia to the league because they have institutions like Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Virginia to balance out their academics.

Alas, I think the Mountaineers are down the list solely due to their 164 (tied) ranking in US News and World Report which would be by far the lowest in the league.

The Cardinals bring a strong tradition in basketball and a good medium size media market. The football program has shown glimmers of promise as well. Gaining Louisville would make the in state matchup with Kentucky an ACC vs SEC affair.

However, like WVU Louisville's academic rankings (164 tied) are a black eye on their admission.

Who would you take as members 15 and 16 into the ACC?


  1. What about putting pressure on Notre Dame? ND is a better geographical fit in the B1G, but school size and the number of private schools now in the ACC may make it option if conference pressure turns up.

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    What about Penn State? Remember, Joe Paterno for years, wanted an all-sports Eastern Conference.

    ACC North: Penn State, UConn, Pitt, Syracuse, Maryland, UVA, VT

    ACC South: UNC, Duke, NC State, GT, Wake Forest, FSU, Miami

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Sorry, I forgot BC and Clemson:

    ACC North:

    Penn State

    ACC S
    Florida State
    NC State

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Add Penn State, WVU. Forget the rest.


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