Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SEC Power Poll: Week 1

The SEC Power Poll members asked me back for another year and I happily obliged. Below is my submitted poll for week 1.

I thought Les Miles was crazy scheduling Oregon on top of the SEC West. At this point I am tuning out people who say he is just lucky.

How the heck did I not jump on that Kent State line when it opened -32?

South Carolina
Stephen Garcia calmly led the Gamecocks to a come from behind win. I never thought I would say that.

The Razorbacks sure like to schedule teams from Missouri early in the season (you hear that Mike Slive?)

Miss State
Dan Mullen is my hero for faking a punt in his own territory while up four touchdowns

I think the Gators could win the SEC or they could be 7-5 and I am no closer to a decision after the win over Fla. Atlantic

Bulldog fans are REALLY upset at Mark Richt right now but that could be a 180 if they beat South Carolina at home this Saturday

I love the orange pants worn by Derek Dooley. That is a color you have to own.

Gene Chizik can be glad that Utah State had no idea how to play the onside kick

You didn't embarass yourself in win or a loss so the Commodores are mostly here by default

You had Western Kentucky believing they were going to beat your for close to three quarters

Ole Miss
When Rebel fans sober up from last weekend maybe they will realize Houston Nutt is not that good of a coach

What are your thoughts? Was LSU's win impressive enough to jump Alabama? How do you think the bottom half of the conference shakes out?

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