Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SEC Power Poll Week 2

Tigers are still the most impressive team in the nation thus far

The Crimson Tide was not able to blow by Penn State with its speed but it certainly over powered the Nittany Lions

South Carolina
Melvin Ingram's athleticism on the defensive line is why the SEC has won five straight BCS titles

The Razorbacks did what they were supposed to do against New Mexico

Count me as one who didn't think Auburn had much of a chance against Mississppi State

Nothing to complain about so far but that could change with the first real test against Tennessee

Miss State
Dan Mullen is just 2-9 against the SEC West. I got a feeling this is his last season in Starkville because he needs an easier gig.

UGA and Notre Dame fans know how the other feels

Volunteers get their first big test this week and those conference leading stats may drop

A very nice win over a UConn team that won the Big East last year

A much better performance on offense this week though that is not saying much

Ole Miss
Houston Nutt would like to schedule more of Southern Illinois and less of eveyone else

Week 1 Group Results

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