Monday, September 26, 2011

SEC Power Poll Week 4: LSU Remains At The Top

Hard to believe the regular season is a third over already.

1. LSU
I looked up play maker on Wikipedia and Tyrann Mathieu's picture was there

2. Alabama
Nick Saban took down an offensive mastermind last week can he do it this week too?

Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey are kinda fast

4. South Carolina
Would Georgia not like another crack at the Stephen Garcia we saw Saturday or what?

5. Arkansas
There goes all the prognostications that Tyler Wilson would be an upgrade from Ryan Malley from day one

6. Georgia
With every win the seat under Mark Richt gets a little bit cooler and the Bulldogs have a lot of winnable games left

7. Auburn
Is it just me or is the AD Jay Jacobs hitting the panic button a little too early on 2011?

8. Vanderbilt
Scientists at Vandy have created a magnet which you can place on defensive backs hands to attract pigskin

9. Tennessee
I wonder what Derek Dooley wore on his off Saturday?

10. Miss State
Maybe Miss State just should not schedule La. Tech anymore

11. Kentucky
Kentucky hasn't seen speed like that since (insert Kentucky Derby joke here)

12. Ole Miss
Outside of my top 2 of LSU and Alabama, the 12 spot for Ole Miss was my only other instantaneous decision I had in my rankings

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