Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Reason Why Coaches Should Not Vote In Polls

and especially should not be 1/3 of the BCS equation...they can't even count to 23 in their top 25 poll!

Ok, so it is probably just an error by but it gave me the opportunity to jump on a topic I like to bash.  Coaches taking the time to vote in a poll.

I am just going to name a coach randomly because we don't have access to how the coaches vote so please don't take offense Badger fans, but is Wisconsin's Bret Bielema a good person to ask who is better LSU or Alabama, where Boise State should be ranked, or if Texas is a top 25 team?

I am sure Bret has plenty on his plate at around Midnight last night after another heartbreaking loss. The last thing he should to be doing is determining where Arkansas should be ranked after nearly getting upset by Vanderbilt or if Oklahoma should be the highest ranked one loss team.

You can gripe about the media and perceived biases they may or may not have, but they watch a lot more games than coaches do.

The only thing coaches should be allowed to vote on is teams in their conference because that is all they have watched and studied.

List of coaches who vote in USA Today/Coaches Top 25 Poll

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