Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clemson-Georgia Tech Provides Another Great Moment In ACC Officiating History

The Atlantic Coast Conference was started in 1953 with seven charter members. From that day, the league has upheld the highest standards of officiating in college athletics.

In last night's Clemson-Georgia Tech game we saw another example of the standard of excellence the ACC holds its referees to.

With 2:24 to go in the third quarter, the Yellow Jackets were on the one yard line trying for a touchdown that with the extra point would put them up 38-10 on undefeated Clemson.

Based on the replay, it appears a Clemson defender may have been offsides.

One the play, the Tigers miraculously caused a fumble and recovered the ball. Calls like these are why the ACC is so well regarded in the realm of college athletics officiating.

But wait, there is more evidence of excellence within the ACC!

Earlier this season in the Wake Forest-FSU game a referee appears move the ball closer to the line to make.

Well, ball placement may not be the ACC's strength but clock management certainly is.

The ACC was one of the last leagues to instill the booth review. Why? Because they didn't really need it.

Ok we really do apologize for this refs' actions.  

And please no comments on basketball!

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