Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dana Holgorsen Says Many Schools Give Every Player an iPad

In his weekly TV show, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen answers a fan question about what piece of technology could he not live without as a football coach.

The new Mountaineer coach talks about how important technology is today and goes on to say that iPads are really helping the program.

WVU has about a "handful" iPads the the coaches use and they have begun giving them out to players. Holgorsen goes on to say many schools give them out to "all their players."

Now the coach says the purpose of these devices is to watch film on, but they don't want them taking them to class where they could be distracted.

Players have had copies of game film on video or DVD for personal use for years, but they probably weren't given the VCR or DVD player to watch it on.

But where does the NCAA stand on a player getting an iPad to watch film?

Go to about 1:50 to start the iPad question

Go here for video if it does not show

Pic of Geno Smith's iPad

(hat top to Smart Football for the original link)

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