Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do Paul Johnson and Randy Edsall Have an Icy History?

Apparently the Georgia Tech and Maryland head coaches have had two less than pleasant post game hand shakes when they were coaches at their previous schools according to this recollection posted on the wildly popular EDBS (Every Day Should Be Saturday).
In 2002 UConn played Navy in Annapolis during Paul Johnson's first year as head coach of Navy. Navy went 2-10 that year, including this shutout loss to Connecticut. Of course, 2-10 was an improvement over the 1-20 record Navy had the previous two years. But I digress.

After the clock hit zeroes, PJ and Edsall met at midfield. While shaking hands, Edsall smugly said "Don't worry, I won't share the tape with anyone," implying he had found out how to shut down the triple option offense. But revenge is a dish best served by a heartless coach after the jump.

Fast forward to 2006. Navy is playing at UConn in the 2nd of the scheduled 4 game home-and-home series started in 2002. At this point Navy was coming off three straight bowl games while UConnhad gone 5-6 in 2005. I could go into detail of the horrors experienced by Huskies that day. But to make a long story short, Navy amassed 605 yards of offense, gained 464 of them on the ground at an 8.3 yards per carry average, and stomped UConn 41-17.

At the post game handshake, PJ grabbed Edsall's hand leaned in and said "Don't worry, I won't share the tape with anyone."

The poster also says that Edsall had UConn buy out the remaining two games of the Huskies four with Navy.

The Terps lackluster performance the last two weeks could mean they just aren't very good or they have spent a lot of the time preparing for Georgia Tech and Johnson's offense.

Hoping a UConn/Navy person will come verify this stories truthfulness.

(h/t: The Hive)

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