Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mark Richt Explains Differing Punishment Regarding DUI Arrests

On the Bulldog Hotline (aka Mark Richt Call In Show) this past Monday, the UGA Head Coach was asked why Cornelius Washington was suspended (at least) two games whereas Demetre Baker was dismissed from the team last year.

Richt's answer?

Says our Athletic Association has a policy for a 20% suspension on a DUI. That’s what he followed. A year ago the situation was different. There was a lot discipline problems and the young man who got in trouble knew what was at stake. He’s sad that he had to go but that’s just the way it went.

Back to my thoughts...
I have always thought that it was completely up to the coach what they wanted to do regarding discipline.  Each player and situation are different.  Black and white rules are very hard to apply.  If you have a guy who has never had one ounce of trouble and then runs afoul which could cause dismissal do you throw away all the good work he has done?

What about a player who consistently fails with one minor screwup after another but nothing law breaking.  When that player is arrested do you not have to consider his entire history?

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