Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opponents of Paul Johnson Teams Are Among Least Penalized In The Nation

In his weekly press conference Paul Johnson was asked why his teams seem to get so few penalties called on their opponents.

So I decided to look at where his teams ranked in terms on opponent penalty yards per game at Georgia Tech and Navy.

At Georgia Tech
Opponent Penalty Yards Per Game (NCAA Rank)
2011: 23.1 (120 of 120) 7 yards less than team 119
2010: 40.8 (107)
2009: 39.8 (118)
2008: 37.5 (115)
AVG: 35.3 (115)

As you can, the Yellow Jackets opponents are the least penalized in the nation by a wide margin. This has been a consistent theme over Johnson's four seasons with the team ranking 107th or lower. So I wanted to see how the penalty yards compared from his time at Navy.

At Navy
2007: 47.2 (99)
2006: 38.3 (101)
2005: 45.9 (105)
2004: 53.7 (72)
2003: 49.6 (93)
AVG: 46.9 (94)

The yards per game was slightly higher, but still in the bottom fourth of FBS with opponents garnering just 47 yards per game in penalties.

It is apparent Johnson's teams gets way less penalty yards called on their opponents than average. And especially so when compared to previous Georgia Tech teams.

Georgia Tech Opponent Penalty Yards Per Game Under Chan Gailey 2003-2007
2007: 52.0 (75)
2006: 60.2 (12)
2005: 64.0 (34)
2004: 71.4 (8)
2003: 61.5 (39)
AVG: 61.8 (34)

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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I would bet that defensive pass interference is driving this number.

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Call it balanced refereeing. If the refs called every foul against PJ's teams, they'd have to call every foul PJ's teams commit. And even PJ knows that would make his games unbearable. So its either let the crack-backs, chop blocks, and holds slide or call a penalty on every play.

    Not saying I agree with it, but I gotta believe that's what's going on.


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