Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SEC Power Poll Week 7: Did Alabama overtake LSU?

Latest submission to the SEC Power Poll. The conference feels a lot like how the the Big 10 used to with the Big

2 and Little 8 (or 10 in this case). The league is ridicuously strong at the top but the bottom half is as weak as any BCS conference.

1. LSU
The Jordan Jefferson experiment seems to be working, but I not convinced it still may not blow up in Les Miles face down the road.

2. Alabama
Having Trent Richardson is unfair

3. Arkansas
The Razorbacks feel a lot like Iowa or Michigan State did in the Big 10 when Michigan and Ohio State were rolling

4. Auburn
Auburn may really be looking forward to joining the East the way things currently stand

5. Georgia
The Bulldogs should cake walk to the East title now. Just a little, tiny speed bump game against a team they are 3-18 against over the last 21 stands in the way

6. South Carolina
Without Lattimore it is hard to see Spurrier game planning his way back to the Dome

7. Miss State
Dan Mullen is staring to lose his luster

8. Florida
I really hope Will Muschamp and Todd Grantham disagree about something in two weeks

9. Vanderbilt
I like James Franklin's attitude about where he wants this program, but best of luck actually living up to it

10. Tennessee
The Volunteer Navy has raised the white flag on 2011

11. Ole Miss
Will Houston Nutt appear in the Blind Side 2 as another SEC coach portrayed in his old job?

12. Kentucky
I hear Hal Mumme is available

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