Sunday, October 16, 2011

UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham Adds To His Legend of Bringing The "Fire"

Georgia won a hard fought game at Vanderbilt 33-28 last night with the Commodores failing to score on their final play.

However, the real fireworks didn't start until Vandy Head Coach James Franklin caught up with UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham as what was supposed to be the post game hand shake.

From the slow motion video (below) that Franklin is pointing in the direction of #36 for UGA, Shawn Williams, as he approaches mid field

Williams received two personal foul penalties in the game. Another Bulldog Kwame Geathers also received a personal foul penalty for throwing a punch in what appeared to be retaliation for a chop block. The Vanderbilt player involved in the Geathers incident also received a flag.

But back to the Grantham/Franklin altercation.

IF Franklin was calling out Williams then yes (we can only assume this to be true based on what happened next) Grantham has a right to be upset. But he does not have the right to start a near brawl at mid field

What we do know is the UGA DC completely lost his cool towards his opponent. Plain and simple. I might expect this from a player involved in a heated play, but not from a coach making $750,000 per year.

Maybe it was a simple, one-time loss of judgement on his part. I could believe that if there wasn't a history with Grantham.

Earlier this season in a blowout win against Coastal Carolina, arguably UGA's most talented player Tight End Orson Charles was able to convince Grantham to let him go into the game on defense. When Grantham approached head coach Mark Richt, he was quickly vetoed.

Can you imagine Alabama DC Kirby Smart agreeing to let Trent Richardson play defense and then approaching Nick Saban with this proposal?

And when it comes to Grantham's judgement lets not forget this little incident from last season that introduced us to the "fire" that he brings.

Yes, Grantham has a right to defend his player. He has a right to do it appropriately and not to start a near brawl at midfield and completely hog the spotlight from his team who just won a SEC road game.

I am sure Marlon Brown wishes people were talking about his break out game instead.

And here is some close up, slo-mo of Grantham after the game.

Richt seemed disappointed in his post game press conference at how the game ended.
“I don’t know for sure what happened. I’ve heard a couple of different sides of the story. It’s hard to know which one is 100 percent the truth. But the bottom line is when the game is over the game’s over. You shake hands and you be thankful for the victory. Just like at the end of a play. When a play’s over, it’s over. Go to the sideline. We didn’t do a very good job of that at times.

“It was heated. It IS battle. It’s not war with real bullets but it’s a war in a sense and it’s very physical. Tempers do get flared up. I don’t mind our blood getting hot but we have to be able to get excited or maybe even angry but not foul.”

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