Monday, November 7, 2011

Bobby Cremins Truly Wants Georgia Tech Basketball To Be Successful

Pretty humble for a guy that Georgia Tech basically fired.
Q: Bobby Cremins came into the league in 1981 and he went from the absolute bottom to having them in the regional final in his third or fourth year. It’s one of the most amazing rebuilding jobs. So it’s been done.

A:“Yeah, Coach Cremins reminds me of that all the time. That it only took him three of four years.


“No. I’m joking.

“He’s been great. I knew him before because of our connection with Nike. And he was always great to me prior.

“He’s been unbelievable since I got the job. There are very few coaches that when they leave a place actually want that place to still be successful. There’s an ego involved in coaching. They may say (differently) but secretly they’re watching the ticker, hoping the team loses. Or that they never achieve the same level of success that they did under him. Coach Cremins is not one of those guys.”

Q:Does he call you or text you?

A:“He calls. He’s helped me in terms of connecting with some of the former players that I want to get a relationship with, important people in town.

“He wants Georgia Tech to be every bit as successful, if not more, than when he coached. And he’s sincere about that it. He really is. He means it and I can tell he means it.

“Out of all the stuff that’s happened in the six months since I’ve been there, to me, that’s been the best. Because there’s no great program in this country that doesn’t embrace its tradition and its past, and doesn’t have the support of its tradition and past. I can’t do it on my own. Coach Cremins has been a great ambassador for us trying to get that back rolling.”

Brian Gregory Interview with ACC Sports

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