Saturday, November 5, 2011

LSU - Alabama Preview and Prediction

In my opinion the BCS Championship may very well be decided in Tuscaloosa Saturday night.

I was listening to the ESPN College Football Podcast and the SEC Bloggers were discussing an interview with LSU QB Jarrett Lee and how aware and comfortable he is of his reputation.

After all the kid has been through with the pick sixes, the benching, taking over the starting job due to a suspension it would be a fairy tale story have him lead LSU down the field for a game winning drive against a Nick Saban.

Both of these teams are so good in so many areas, but two stick out to me as the difference in this game and no, it is not coaching. Not even close. Les Miles does not get near the credit he deserves.

I think LSU's defensive line is built more so for the speed rush and not as much for the power rush. I think Alabama's offensive line will be able to open some holes for Trent Richardson to peek through. Then you have arguably the toughest runner in college football to tackle on linebackers and safeties. I think the Tide will be able to get out to a lead and nurse it by running the ball.

On the other side, Alabama's front seven is so big I think they can slow down LSU's power running game. This will be the first time this season LSU has faced a defensive front seven close to the size and athleticism of Alabama. The Tigers have been able to over power teams until now.

If LSU is to make hay in the ground game I think they have to do it around the edge with guys like Russell Shepard.

I have ranked LSU higher in my SEC power poll almost all season because I think the Tigers have had more impressive wins over better teams than Alabama to date.

However, this is a revenge game and Saban is 13-1 in those as an SEC Head Coach.

When it comes down to playing each other on the field and that field being in Bryant-Denny Stadium I think the Tide will prove to be the better team on this day because of physical superiority in the trenches.

Alabama 24 LSU 17

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