Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mark Richt Sends A Warning Signal To Isaiah Crowell That The Next Guy Is On His Way

In meeting with the media Wednesday, Mark Richt was asked about the running back situation heading into the Georgia Tech game.

"...there's too much drama there, and it's not as settled as I'd like it to be. There's a tremendous opportunity at the University of Georgia for running backs in this class to make an impact. If I was a running back, if I was a great running back, I would want to come to Georgia, I would be so excited about my opportunity at Georgia."


These comments are coming on the heels of the suspension last week of backup Carlton Thomas. Starter Isaiah Crowell missed most of the game with an ankle injury and his durability has been a concern amongst the coaching staff and fan base.

It is rumored UGA has received a "silent" commitment from top running back prospect Todd Gurley. The North Carolina native is close friends with arguably the top running back prospect in the nation Keith Marshall who is considering the Bulldogs along with Florida, Clemson, and Notre Dame among others.

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