Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SEC Power Poll: End of Regular Season

1. LSU
When was the last time a unanimous number one team did not have a Heisman candidate? I think it shows how good of a TEAM this group is.

2. Alabama
The Crimson Tide is the second best team in the nation, but I am still not in favor of a rematch under the current system.

3. Arkansas
Good, but not good enough.

4. Georgia
The Bulldogs have won with the schedule present to them. Can't do anymore than that.

5. South Carolina
Connor Shaw went ham on Clemson's defense with the QB run.

6. Auburn
I really hope Auburn fans run Gus Malzahn out of town. That would be epic.

7. Miss State
Dan Mullen has gotten more mileage out of beating the SEC East than Steve Spurrier.

8. Florida
If Charlie Weis wasn't so stubborn about....oh forget it. Gators offense sucks.

9. Vanderbilt
The Commodores put an SEC type beat down on Wake Forest.

10. Kentucky
Joker Philips was known as an innovator on offense when he was coordinator. He pulled the rights tricks out of the bag Saturday to save his job.

11. Tennessee
One thing Tennessee is always going to do is beat Kentucky. Whoops!

12. Ole Miss
When Ole Miss fans care more about the football on the field than the tailgating at The Grove they will win more football games.

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