Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So What If Mark Richt Knew About The Failed Drug Tests?

Mark Richt is paid (handsomely) to win football games.

We like to hear stories about developing young men and changing kids lives, but every BCS head coach is ultimately paid to win games.  This is why Randy Shannon was shown the door at Miami last year.

Three UGA players have been suspended for this Saturday's game against New Mexico State and according to ESPN sources the suspension stems from a failed drug test performed last Thursday.

Because internet rumors were flying on the Friday before the game within Bulldog and Gator circles that Isaiah Crowell had failed a drug test, I don't see how Richt did not know as well.

Where UGA gets off is in the realm of "false positive" or the "B" sample also testing positive.  Both of these instances would take longer 48 hours to verify and be impossible to determine before game time last Saturday.

Make no mistake that Richt is one of the "good guys" in the coaching world.  But did you really expect Richt to sit one of his best players and his top two backups for a game where his job was on the line on an inexact, instantaneous test result?

If UGA loses to Florida does Richt get the benefit of the doubt because some of his key players were suspended?  Of course not, he gets even more blame because he runs a "loose program".

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