Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UNC Interim Head Coach Entering Unknown Territory (UPDATED)

Everett Withers is taking this Saturdays game against fellow Tobacco Road school NC State very seriously.

The Tar Heels hope to break a four game losing streak to the Wolfpack and accomplish something the vaunted Butch Davis could never do. 

For all the four and five star recruits he brought Davis was beaten soundly in the strategy department by Tom O'Brien over the last three meetings.

Speaking of O'Brien some State fans have turned sour on him much like how this season has gone.  It certainly has not helped that former QB Russell Wilson is doing so well and been in the Heisman discussion for much of the season (he can't help it if Badger DBs can't cover deep).

Saturdays winner may be around next season while the loser may not.

Looks like Withers is bringing out all the stops to help UNC Saturday, or at least to help them in recruiting by pointing out the Tar Heels graduation rates and APR score versus NC State's. 

I find this an interesting tactic considering North Carolina just had their NCAA hearing in which the NCAA is charging the University with what amounts to academic fraud.

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