Monday, November 7, 2011

Which ACC Head Coach Made This Revealing Comment About Their Job Duties?

In ESPN The Magazine's College Football Kickoff issue they did a survey asking college coaches various questions including who impacts the game more: Head Coaches or Assistants?

BACK IN JUNE, we started asking FBS coaches some tough questions about their sport. Assistants were easier to grab (of the 55 coaches we spoke to, 11 were head men, 44 were assistants). But based on the responses to WHO IMPACTS THE GAME MORE, THE HEAD COACH OR HIS ASSISTANTS? maybe we shouldn't have bothered with the big bosses at all -- 70.9 percent went with the assistants, including all 11 head coaches. In the words of one ACC front man, "We just go to all the meet-and-greets and decide whether to kick or go for it sometimes."

Which ACC Head Coach do you think said this?

ESPN Insider article ($)

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