Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Playing Keep Away Is A Prudent Strategy For Georgia Against Georgia Tech

The Georgia Bulldogs have the largest offensive line by weight in America. That includes the NFL.

UGA's line weighs an average of 329.4 lbs. The next highest is the Cincinnati Bengals at 325.8. Texas Tech has the second biggest line in college at 323.

Georgia Tech's defensive line has been maligned this year for giving up too many rush yards. The Yellow Jackets give up an average of 166 yards per game ranking just 71st in the nation; Tech is allowing 4.5 yards per rush from opponents good for 80th nationally.

Georgia Tech's defensive alignment features the 3-4 scheme. The average weight of the three defensive lineman is 287 lbs. Adding in the two inside linebackers who are 223 and 220 lbs. That drops the inside five defenders average weight to 261 lbs.

The blockers for UGA have on average a 68 lb advantage.

I fully expect the Bulldogs to run Power Right, Power Left, Stretch and Counter plays to take advantage of this size advantage.

A successful running game helps Georgia Tech's offense off the field and rests the Georgia defense something Mark Richt always likes.

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