Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For Some Reason NBA Players Want Their Jobs Taken

As you know the NBA season is starting up on Christmas Day after a six week delay due to the lack of a collective bargaining agreement. I was hoping the NBA might call it a year giving college basketball a much needed boost in popularity.

Of the new terms in the agreement, this is the one I am most disappointed in: But with the revenue split and system issues taking so much time, there was little opportunity to change the non-economic issues. The draft age limit will remain 19 years at least through the 2012 draft — the league would have liked to go to 20, the players would like to abolish it entirely...

The NBA Players Association is the only Union I have ever seen that wants its jobs taken by younger, unproven talent. Of course, when you hear statements like "the NBAPA is run by the agents" then you understand why the NBAPA would not care if a 8 year veteran has their job taken by a 19 year old.

Maybe if more of these guys completed more than one semester in college they would understand the economics of having your job taken from you.

NBA labor deal

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