Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Heisman Ballot...If I Had A Vote (Hint, Hint)

Everyone under the Sun seems to have a Heisman ballot and if 80 year old former SIDs (Harris Poll member George Wine) can have a say in who plays in the BCS National Championship Game why can't I have a say in the Heisman?

Here is who I vote in the top 3:
1. Andrew Luck
The Stanford QB has led his team to a BCS bowl when he is surrounded by mediocre talent at the skill positions. Luck finished second last year to a once in a generation player like Cam Newton and was better this year than last.  The Cardinal would not even be close to a BCS Bowl without Luck.

2. Trent Richardson
Yes, the Alabama running back plays behind a very good offensive line but he also gets a ton of yards after contact.  I give Luck the nod over Richardson because of the amount of impact the QB has had on his team this year.  In other words, Alabama would still be very good without Richardson, Stanford would not without Luck.

3. Tyrann Mathieu
I really wanted to put the Honey Badger higher because I think his impact on LSU's undefeated regular season (and what should be at least a split national title) has not been discussed enough. However, to win the Heisman I think you need to have more of an individual impact on the game. Mathieu is a great player, but the level of play from his teammates allows him to freelance like he does on defense and make the return game special. Still his impact on the defensive side and special teams is one we haven't seen since Charles Woodson so he would make my Heisman ballot.

Why I left off Robert Griffin
Griffin is a phenomenal talent and a true student-athlete which I admire greatly. Leaving him off has nothing to do with the fact that Baylor is only 9-3 because they would probably be 6-6 or worse without him and I think a player's contribution his team should outweigh how well the team has done overall.

I just think if Griffin was in a conference where better (or some form of) defense was played each week his stats would not look nearly as good and his impact would be lessened. All this being said, the Baylor QB is the favorite in Vegas heading into the Heisman Trophy Presentation.

Why I left off Montee Ball
Ball's stats are better than Richardson's but I think his level of play is elevated by one of the best offensive lines in the nation. Well, Alabama has a really good line too? This is true, but when you look at Richardson's yards after contact you see how much he is doing on his own down field.

Who would you put on your Heisman ballot? 

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