Monday, December 12, 2011

Offensive Coaches Who Try To Do Too Much

This quote in Smart Football really caught my eye:
"I am a big believer that many teams simply try to do too much and end up bad at a lot of things instead of very good at a couple of them."

I could not agree more with this statement.

How many times do you see offenses, especially offenses with mediocre talent, trying to run everything under the sun from seven step drops to speed option to pistol to air raid?  Too many in my opinion.

Smart Football breaks down what they feel is an underutilized play in college football: the rocket toss.

In this post you will see cutups from Flexbone teams like Georgia Tech as well as play diagrams featuring Heisman winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor (btw how humble was Griffin in accepting the highest individual award in CFB? pretty good kid IMO). 

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