Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vince Dooley Says He Moved UGA-GT Basketball Game Away From The Omni Due To Losing

Just getting around to some stuff in the Reader after a very busy work week and came upon this interview with former UGA AD Vince Dooley (who has a new book out btw) on 790 The Zone.

He was asked about his decision to move the Georgia-Georgia Tech basketball game to on-campus after 13 years at The Omni. Dooley said he got tired of losing to the Yellow Jackets after goind 2-11. However, after last week's loss at home to Georgia Tech for the first time since 1976 he would be open to moving the game back to downtown Atlanta.

Vince Dooley Audio: Coach Dooley joined B&D to talk about UGA athletics and the UGA/GT basketball game

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