Sunday, January 15, 2012

ACC Leads All Conferences on NBA Rosters

And leading the ACC is Nort...nope its Duke. So much for the notion that Duke's players are simply coached up in college and not athletic enough to play at the highest level.

Opening Day Rosters By School
1. Duke, 17
2. UCLA, 15
Kentucky, 15
4. Texas, 13
Connecticut, 13
6. North Carolina, 12
Kansas, 12
8. Arizona, 10
Florida, 10

...By Conference
1. Atlantic Coast, 62
2. Pac-12, 53
3. Big East, 49
4. Southeastern, 45
5. Big 12, 40
6. Big Ten, 25

(via CBS Eye on College Basketball)

If UGA fans are wondering how a new coach who has essentially never recruited in the state can come in and beat the Bulldogs on three top prospects, this is how. Its not an indictment on Mark Fox's recruiting ability but just like it works for SEC Football, top basketball prospects want to play in the ACC.

Rivals Cup has a point system to calculate who is tops in the country in producing NBA players. They also have the Blue Devils number one. (Follow Rivals Cup on Twitter)

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