Monday, January 23, 2012

Georgia Tech Exit Survey Q&A With College Football Zealots

College Football Zealots is doing a series of exit surveys after the college football season and they asked me for my take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  Below is a portion of my answers with a link to the full article at the bottom.

CFBZ: After starting out 6-0, Tech won just 2 of their last 7 games. What went wrong?

The ACC and SEC Blog: The Yellow Jackets ran into much tougher opponents to beat.  Just two of the first six opponents Tech beat ended with winning records while of six of the final seven had at least a .500 record or better.  I also think the Jackets began looking ahead to the tough part of their schedule after winning at NC State and over looked a prepared Virginia team.  Miami just has Paul Johnson's offense number shutting them down the last three seasons.  A lot of teams lost to Virginia Tech and Georgia this season.  The bowl loss was on Johnson for going too conservative on offense and making a weak defense hold a lead.

CFBZ: It's been two years for Al Groh and the switch to the 3-4 defense. On paper the defense stayed pretty stagnant versus 2010. What will it take for Tech to take the next step defensively?

The ACC and SEC Blog: Get three big, athletic defensive lineman like you see at Alabama or Georgia.  Then back that up with four good linebackers.  Despite returning all three starters up front, Tech was clearly over matched against physical teams especially at the nose guard.  God bless Logan Walls, but he simply isn't a dominating player like you need in the 3-4.  I thought OLB Jeremiah Attaochu would have more of a impact this season than he did  The secondary played pretty well most of the season save for one safety position.  Until Georgia Tech gets better in the front seven, teams will continue to use power sets to run the ball and control the clock.

CFBZ: Is Tevin Washington the answer for Georgia Tech at QB or do you see someone else as a potential starter for 2012?

The ACC and SEC Blog: The QB competition will start back up again in the Spring, but I expect Washington to emerge as the starter barring injury.  I have no clue what Washington did to a faction of the fan base that continually blames him for everything.  Washington was a good QB this season, not a great one, but he certainly wasn't the main reason Tech struggled in the second half of the season.  His backup this season, Synjyn Days, is more physically gifted, but I am not sure he can hold onto the ball well enough to overtake Washington.  The wild card is Vad Lee who practiced with the Varsity all last season.  He has the highest ceiling of all three mostly due to his passing ability.  The Jackets will sign two QBs in this class, but I expect both to redshirt.

Paul Johnson has bigger problems (Defense, Special Teams) to solve than the QB position right now.  If he gets those improved then Washington could lead this team to an ACC title next season.  If he doesn't get those problems worked out then Washington, Days, nor Lee can win the ACC.

Read the remainder of the Q&A here

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