Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Normally Don't Post Message Board Material, But This Is Pure Gold

UGA plans are up in the air for now . . . .

Posted: Today 7:49 PM
UGA plans are up in the air for now . . . .

We have been talking for several months about sending my oldest to UGA next year to attend the Terry Business School. (added: a top 50 business school)

Last night, I told my son he may want to look and consider other schools.

Reason: I was and still am so furious with the ****** performance of the number 11 player for UGA yesterday that I don't want to send one red cent to UGA in terms of athletic fees. [emphasis added]

I am sick and tired of everyone talking about how great he is and how many touchdown passes he has. I am nearly 50 years old, weigh close to 300 pounds, and got two bad knees and I believe I could throw the ball to Mitchell, Bennett, and Charles (that's three choices for every play) but Aaron the Great seems to lock onto King and either force it, take a sack, or throw it directly to an opponent

How many touchdown passes thrown directly to opponents and turnovers leading to scores must he give up before our coaches who are paid millions of dollars realize that he may need some pine time?

I know I will eventually get over the pain of yesterday's loss but I will never forget the pain inflicted by our pitiful excuse of a quarterback yesterday. To add insult to injury, consider the fact that Boykin busted his tail all day long to try and go out a winner (he is a winner and will always be but not on the scoreboard where it really counts because of Aaron the Great). Boykin played the whole game after hurting his shoulder on the first points of the game and Jarvis Jones played practically one legged after injuring his knee.

It is ashamed that the great efforts of so many is ruined by the fourteen point gifts of Aaron the Great.

I think QB is a more important need than RB for UGA. Of course everyone in the country with the exception of Mark Richt knows we need a new offensive coordinator which is the most critical need for this program.

Could this poster be the same guy who made this poster?

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