Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Trent Richardson Will Be Terrified Before The BCS Championship Game

Heisman finalist Trent Richardson has a great fear of playing in the BCS Championship Game.

Is it because of LSU's monster defensive line? No. What about the speedy defensive backs chasing him down? Probably not.

Richardson's greatest fear is that from flying.

"I really just start praying before I get on, and just go from there," Richardson said. "I start sweating and it's just a big mess, for real. Just when it takes off and when they're about to land, it's crazy."
Richardson is lucky this national championship game is in the Superdome, not the Rose Bowl. The flight to Penn State earlier this season -his longest - was tough.

"If I could have walked, I would have walked"

I am sure Delta has received hundreds of cancellations from Alabama fans following Trent's advice.

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