Thursday, February 23, 2012

According To This, Mark Fox Is The Best Developer of Talent In The Country

It has been a rough season for UGA Basketball sitting at 3-10 in the SEC and 12-15 overall, but according to this ranking system from Real GM the Bulldogs have the best coach in the nation at developing players offensively.

This data includes 10 seasons worth of data and looks at the ORtg for each player. The ORtg is...

Offensive Rating = Individual points produced / individual possessions used. Along with %Poss, ORtg is vital to assessing a player's offensive productivity. Because it effectively combines TS%, OR%, AsR, and ToR into one metric, it is the ultimate measure of a player's offensive efficiency. That's not to say every player with a high ORtg is better than ones with lower ORtgs, though
Overall, Fox ranks 29th nationally in these ratings. 

Their comments on Fox: 
And Mark Fox has truly been fantastic at getting the most out of his players. Nevada is better this season, but there was clearly a gigantic drop-off when he left the school.

The top five on their list is John Calipari, Thad Matta, Bo Ryan, Mike Krzyzewski, and John Beilein.

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