Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charles Barkely Wishes More Schools Had The Academic Standards of Georgia Tech

But some Yellow Jackets fans wish they didn't.

This recruiting year, Tech had to let go of their first commitment because he was not going to be admitted due to a low test score. Paul Johnson reached out to Central Florida to try and find a spot for Junior Gnonkonde, but Coastal Division rival North Carolina snatched up the DE/OLB prospect on signing day. The UNC director of admissions told Gnonkonde that his test score won't be an issue.

Some Jackets fans feel the Institute is continuously digging themselves a hole on the athletic field by not competing on the same admissions field as many of its rivals.

The issue is so hotly debated, I asked Johnson at his Signing Day event whether or not he would like more academic exceptions.

Former NBA star and current TNT analyst walked across the street to speak with the Georgia Tech's Womens Basketball team.

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