Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contrary To Popular Belief Nick Saban Does Not Get Everything He Wants

While the football field yielded a BCS Championship, off the field it has been a rough for year Nick Saban in SEC Politics.

Last summer the conference instituted a hard cap on the number of student-athletes each school could sign in a move with the Crimson Tide coach squarely in opposition to.

Now with a move to the Big 12 imminent, West Virginia is telling its side of the conference expansion story. Turns out Saban wanted the Mountaineers in the league instead of Missouri. The SEC quickly turned down any rumors of a WVU move to the most powerful conference in the BCS sighting academics as a concern.
West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a West Virginia grad, former governor and friend of Saban's, told the Charleston Daily Mail that he and Saban were "working toward that."

"I thought we could have been in the SEC," Manchin told the paper. "I talked to my dear friend Nick Saban about that, and, like me, he said, 'I would like West Virginia in the SEC,' and we were working toward that."
Saban is originally from West Virginia so it is not surprising to see him campaign for them.

Maybe these moves by the school presidents to block West Virginia (and bring in an AAU school like Missouri) as well as curb Oversigning are indicators that college administrators are reigning in their subordinates.

Manchin tells his side of story in Big 12 tiff with Ky. senator

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