Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Derek Dooley Perpetuates Myth That Oversigning Is About Grayshirting

Derek Dooley, the former head coach at Tennessee, spoke out this week about the new signing rules in the SEC.

Dooley signed 20 players in this most recent class, one he hopes will turn his fortunes around in Knoxville.

The former Nick Saban assistant trotted out the line that oversigning has to do with grayshirting players:
"Let’s say a a guy gets hurt his senior year, and there’s a good chance he won’t play his freshman year of college. He has got to do surgery and rehab. What could we do in the past? In the past, we could sign him, grayshirt him and put him in next year’s class. That allowed him to come to the type of school he wanted to come to, whereas now those kind of guys have to go to a different school"
Coach Dooley, you can still do this as it is the exact scenario Alabama offered to Justin Taylor this year. Taylor still could have gone to the "type of school he wanted to come to" under the new rules.

The new rules simply forced Saban's hand in having to tell Taylor BEFORE he signed this was his plan. To me that sounds like a good thing for the student-athlete as it opened an opportunity for Taylor

In reality, Dooley simply wants more opportunities for him. The new signing rules only open up opportunities for the student-athletes.

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