Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Internet Won't Let Alabama or Auburn Cheat or Break The Law

The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is arguably the fiercest, nastiest one in the country. Wait, forget arguably, there is no way you can produce another rivalry with as much hate and despise between two fan bases.

Ohio State/Michigan are located in different states and most of their fans have dispersed all over the country due to the gradual decline of the Rust Belt's economy.

UNC/Duke while located just eight miles from each other have a civility in that both are well recognized academic institutions.

Army/Navy is rivalry of great history, but the fact that neither program is of national prominence any more hurts its candidacy for fiercest and the camaraderie in the lives afterward really reduces the nastiest.

The internet age has taken the Iron Bowl to a whole new level.

We can trace back the firing of Mike Price to a posting on an Auburn message board. Harvey Updyke (allegedly) poisoned the trees on Auburn's Toomers Corner and his call into the Paul Finebaum went national on the internet.

Most recently, a video was posted of an Alabama fan placing his genitalia on a passed out LSU fan at a Krystal after the BCS Championship Game (thanks for setting back 20 years of progress in the South).

That Tide fan is now in custody thanks to....

you guessed it, an Auburn message board.

So while the state has won the last three BCS Championships amid rumors of 180k payments to QBs dads and dinners, cars, and suits to top players there is no way these two programs are cheating. The internet message boards would not allow them to.

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