Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Karl Hess Gives NC State More Reason To Feel Slighted By ACC

By now, you have probably seen the video of Karl Hess tossing two NC State legends from the court side seats in Saturday's game against FSU (if not go here).

More information is coming out at to what lead to the ejections, Hess's first of any kind this season. 

Andy Katz is reporting Hess had wanted a student removed from the stands minutes prior but was told by security the student was not seen as a threat. 

According to multiple sources, Hess lost his patience over the criticism as Florida State cruised past the Wolfpack.

A student had been yelling "You suck!" at Hess and the officiating crew. A few minutes after hearing this, Hess wanted the student ejected. Hess approached the sideline, according to multiple sources, and asked why the student hadn't been ejected. Hess was told that security didn't feel the student was threatening in any manner. 

When Scott Wood was fouled, with the Pack down 18, Gugliotta stood up and, according to Corchiani, yelled, "'It's about time!' And that broke the camel's back."

Corchiani said neither he nor Gugliotta used profanity. He said the security official came over to them and said they had to leave.

"We didn't want to be a problem so we got up and left," Corchiani said.

In a complete coincidence (wink, wink) NC State is going to honor the 1989 team before tonight's game with North Carolina. That team featured, you guessed it, Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani.

NC State AD Debbie Yow is upset at that treatment of her fans and wants a face to face meeting with ACC head of officials John Clougherty.

Even Kentucky fans think Hess needs to go. And veteran ACC reporter Caulton Tudor had some harsh words for Hess.

Yesterday, the ACC publicly reprimanded Hess but did not indicate he would be suspended from calling league games.

I don't want to jump three steps ahead here, but this perceived poor treatment by a league representative (in this case an official) will add to the frustration Wolfpack fans have with the ACC which is headed by a former Tar Heel John Swofford.

NC State has been mentioned as a potential target of the SEC if they decide to move to 16 teams. Even though State is a founding member of the league, incidents like this don't help their desire to stay in the ACC and be perceived as second class to neighbors Duke and North Carolina.

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