Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Look Into Strength & Conditioning Programs

Going through the Reader I realized I forgot to post this link from a while back.

Clemson blog Shakin' The Southland took an in-depth look at the structures of different strength and conditioning programs around the country.

Some say that one of the many reasons why Alabama and LSU dominated college football this season was because of their S&C programs. LSU's director Tommy Moffitt is considered one of the best in the business and his protege was hired by Nick Saban upon his return to the SEC at Alabama (after Saban tried to hire Moffitt away first).

At this time of year, the only coaches on staff with permission to work with the players S&C coaches so they have as much influence over a players development as any position coach.

In recent years, the S&C program at UGA has come under fire and after the 2010 season Mark Richt replaced his longtime friend and S&C director Dave Van Halanger.

Looking at the last three seasons of rush defense have caused me to question what is going on in Georgia Tech's S&C program since Eric Ciano left for the NFL.

I am far from an expert when it comes to weightlifting methods, but this breakdown by STS seems like a pretty good one

On Clemson's S&C Program And Our Problems with Batson

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