Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out of Control Referee Karl Hess Ejects Two NC State Legends From Stands

We know refs can eject players and coaches from games, evidently they can eject fans too. With 6 1/2 minutes to go in Florida State's victory over NC State, veteran official Karl Hess had Wolfpack legends Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani tossed out of the RBC Center.

After the game Hess refused comment several times to an AP reporter asking about the event.

This was Hess's first ejection of a player, coach, or fan this season in his 74th game.

This was not the first time this season Hess has been at the center of controversy. Earlier this year he clearly missed a goaltending call allowing Syracuse to hold on against West Virginia. It was mentioned at the time his overloaded work schedule may have played a factor as Hess had worked 21 games in the first 28 days of January.

In recent years, conferences have gotten away from having dedicated crews. Instead refs work in multiple conferences decreasing the amount of oversight. Officials work in different crews constantly creating inconsistency.

Why not have crews work together for each game like football? This would create more consistency as you know your fellow refs habits

With attendance and viewership dwindling the last thing college basketball needs is poor officiating.

(h/t CBSSports Eye On College Basketball)


  1. This guy has some splanning to do. And it better be good.

  2. Refs never have to answer questions. Sounds like a sweet deal


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