Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recruiting: Why Top Recruits Chose Their Schools

The Detroit News (Detroit still has two newspapers?!) did an interesting feature on the top 15 players in the state and their recruitment. The players were asked what they liked most and least about the recruiting process and why they did not choose Michigan or Michigan State.

My two favorite responses were from Tennessee signee Danny O'Brien on why he did not choose Michigan:
"I liked coach (Brady) Hoke a lot, too. He turned things around there. I just don't like Ann Arbor. It's a little too liberal for me."

Yep, Knoxville and Ann Arbor are definitely at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

And from Michigan signee James Ross on his worst recruiting experience:
"On another trip south, I won't mention the school, but one coach, he was the linebackers coach, talked as if we (players from northern schools) were inferior. He talked about how slow we were."

Insulting recruits and where they come from sounds like a sure fire closing technique.

Detroit News: Blue Chip players talk about why they picked the schools they did

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