Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SEC Basketball Power Poll: Kentucky Owns This Thing

Here is the power poll I submitted this week.

1. Kentucky
John Calipari has orchestrated this team to the best in the nation.

2. Vanderbilt
We are finally starting to see the Commodores we thought we would all season.

3. Florida
Gators have seemingly solved their road woes from earlier in the year.

4. Alabama
Anthony Grant is trying to navigate his club through suspensions and bad apples on the team and doing pretty good job at it. I suspect his name will again come up for other jobs at the end of the season.

5. LSU
I never thought I would be putting Trent Johnson's club this high.

6. Miss State
Some really bad losses by the Bulldogs have knocked them out of bubble consideration.

7. Ole Miss
You knew it was only a matter of time before Jelan Kendrick had an incident with a teammate.

8. Tennessee
Vols had their four game win streak broken, but still have a great chance to finish the season strong.

9. Arkansas
As if the week wasn't bad enough, ESPN is about to released a documentary where Nolan Richardson berates the University.

10. Georgia
Mark Fox lost any goodwill this week with two losses he had gained the previous week in two wins.

11. Auburn
Very nice win over Miss State, but Tigers need to string more than one good win together to move up in my poll.

12. South Carolina
The Gamecock basketball program has descended the same amount in recent years that the football program has ascended.

Sometimes having straight rankings is not an accurate picture of how a conference stands. If I was to rank the SEC in tiers it would be like this:

Tier 1 - Kentucky
Tier 2 - Vacant (the gap is that big)
Tier 3 - Vandy, Florida
Tier 4 - Alabama, LSU, Miss State, Ole Miss
Tier 5 - Tennessee, Arkansas
Tier 6 - UGA, Auburn, South Carolina

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