Monday, March 19, 2012

Georgia Tech Athletic Director Reveals Figures on Yellow Jackets Financial Standing

In a monthly (I think its monthly) newsletter, Georgia Tech Athletic Director Dan Radakovich detailed some financial figures of where his program stands in the ACC and some may surprise you.

Radakovich says Tech ranks 3rd in the ACC in the size of their athletic endowment ($106 Million) and that fund supports the 2nd highest percentage of scholarships in the league.

Who would you guess has the highest endowments? My guesses were North Carolina and Virginia, but actually Duke is 2nd behind UNC. I bet you also wouldn't have guessed that as of 2009 Georgia Tech had a higher sports endowment than UGA?

With the ACC having the top five sports endowments that should put to rest any concerns of the league faltering especially instead of a dysfunctional Big 12.

Radakovich goes onto to request Tech fans to commit to the future of the basketball program to support the nearly $70 Million put into rebuilding the program and facilities, including the McCamish Pavilion shown above.

Finally, the NCAA appeal is discussed and the AD makes it a point that if a similar situation arises again, outside counsel will be sought immediately.

From my source with knowledge of the parties involved in the investigation, Georgia Tech's counsel repeatedly road blocked the NCAA and the investigator from the NCAA was set on making a name for himself within the organization. That combination led to $312 worth of merchandise (that minus a pair of shoes was returned before ever used) turned into a lost ACC Championship and four years probation.

Georgia Tech Athletics: The Good Word

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