Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Karl Hess Was Invited To Ref ACC Tournament, Declined

NC State's loss in the ACC Tournament Semi finals ended up not costing the Wolfpack a NCAA Tournament bid, but that did not stop the suspicion from the State fan base that controversial calls at the end of the game went the other way because of an incident involving referee Karl Hess and two Pack legends earlier this season.

Hess received a reprimand from the league office and drew the ire of NC State head coach Mark Gottfried. The veteran of nine ACC Championship Games was nowhere to be found in Atlanta this past weekend.
But the three officials who worked the tournament’s opening game at Philips Arena on Thursday afternoon paid an apparent tribute to Hess by wearing a piece of white tape with the initials “KH” on the sides of their left shoes.

Hess was invited to work the tournament, but declined because he “wanted to make sure that he did not take away from the tournament, its teams and the players,” ACC supervisor of officials John Clougherty said in a statement released Thursday. “Therefore, he made the decision not to participate this year.

“The officials, as a group, have agreed to respect Karl’s decision and will eliminate any further distraction from the tournament.”
Sounds to me like the ACC told the officials to knock it off after seeing the tape in the first game.

See, NC State...the ACC doesn't completely hate you.

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