Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stanford Football: Skepticism Cardinal Success Can Continue

A while back (cleaning out the Reader) Bruce Feldman profiled the on field and now recruiting success of the Stanford Cardinal.

Feldman says Stanford has the most stringent academic standards of any school in FBS but was able to "beat the USCs, Alabamas, Floridas and Notre Dames for one recruit this year. Stanford beat them on several blue-chippers."

The biggest help in recruiting according to Cardinal coach David Shaw was Andrew Luck's exposure nationally.

Having a large pool of players to recruit from makes recruiting easier, but according to Feldman Stanford's pool is far from large.
About a year out, the program's recruiting pool was under 200 prospects, Shaw said. By the end of those students' junior year, that pool had shrunk to under 100.
I know Stanford just signed a highly ranked class this past February, but unless they are best talent evaluators and best on field coaches there is no way they can keep up this level of success with such a small recruiting pool. And if they are best talent evaluators and/or coaches then one of the "factories" will hire them away.

Bruce Feldman

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  1. I don't believe Stanford will drop off as much as some people think they will this season. However there is no way they will have the success they enjoyed over the past two seasons with Andrew Luck at QB.

    In an article I am writing for The Saturday Edge, I point out that the three years prior to the 2010 season Stanford was 17-20 (45.95%).

    Once Harbaugh got there and started to turn things around the Cardinal put together an impressive run the past three seasons going 31-8 (79.49%).

    However I believe a lot of credit for that success can be attributed to Luck at QB.

    As Feldman points out above in his article and the CFBMatrix reiterates in an article they wrote about recruiting, Stanford has "overachieved" in their evaluations and development the past several seasons and will be hard pressed to continue such success.


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